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Welcome to Spice Shuttle, your one-stop shop for purchasing the Best Green Cardamom in India and consuming the true essence of genuine flavors! We are experts in buying and selling the finest spices, with a focus on cardamom from India’s scenic Idukki region.




Cardamom, dubbed as “Queen of Spices”, is prized for its delicate perfume and warm, somewhat sweet taste. As The best green cardamom in India; Our Cardamom will give depth and richness to your recipes, taking them to a whole new level, whether you use it to enhance curries, desserts, or drinks.

Black pepper, dubbed as “King of Spices”, has a powerful and peppery taste that complements a variety of cuisines. Another precious spice in our arsenal, black pepper has a strong, peppery flavor that goes well with many different types of food. Whether you’re grilling meats, seasoning veggies, or adding a spice to your favorite sauces and marinades, our Black Pepper will elevate your gourmet masterpieces. We take great pride in offering the finest black pepper, which comes straight from Idukki, where the weather and soil are perfect for its development.

Why choose Us

Spice Shuttle, the Best green cardamom exporters in India takes pride in sourcing high-quality Indian spices collected directly from farmers in Idukki. Our dedication to quality guarantees that the spices you get are fresh, fragrant, and flavorful. We specialize in two unique spices, Cardamom and Black Pepper, renowned for their unique flavors and numerous culinary applications.

Spice Shuttle ensures in getting the finest spices from Idukki, where the favorable climate and excellent soil offer ideal growing circumstances. We collaborate closely with local farmers to provide a direct and long-term supply chain that ensures the freshness, authenticity, and outstanding quality of our spices.

Direct Sourcing: We believe in the value of direct sourcing, which helps us to develop strong ties with farmers in Idukki. We maintain fair trading methods, promote local communities, and have more control over the quality and authenticity of our spices by working directly with them.

Wide Selection: While specializing in Green Cardamom and Black Pepper, We offer two spice varieties, each available in different sizes.

Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality by carefully selecting each spices based on scent, taste, and overall quality. Rest assured that every product you purchase from us is of highest quality.

Convenience: With our user-friendly website, buying black pepper and green cardamom online has never been easier. Explore our inventory, choose the spices of your likes, and check out. We offer packaging options for both individual and bulk purchasers.

When you buy from Spice Shuttle, you can trust that you’re getting the finest green cardamom in India, carefully selected for its exceptional quality and flavor. Enjoy the world of food with Spice Shuttle. Buy Indian spices online and recreate the vibrant tastes of India from the comfort of your home. Excite your palate, impress your guests, and experience the charm of original spices with every meal you prepare.