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Green Cardamom india / Elaichi

Spice Shuttle is a trustworthy supplier of high-quality Green Cardamom from india, commonly known as Elaichi. We take pleasure in offering insightful, one-of-a-kind, and visually appealing information to help you grasp the core of our goods.

Spice Shuttle specializes in providing the best green Cardamom on the market. We recognize the importance of this fragrant spice in Indian cooking and its global appeal. Our dedication to quality has propelled us to the top of the wholesale and bulk trading industries.


We provide a wide variety of cardamom brands to meet a variety of tastes and needs.

Authentic Idukki, Nila Green, Dhanu, Mangalavan, and Periyar Bold are among our brands. Each brand embodies our everlasting dedication to providing great taste, enticing scent, and unparalleled freshness. From small cardamom to the highest quality 8.5mm, we have a size to meet any purpose.

Spice Shuttle makes it simple to purchase cardamom online, whether you are a person or a company. Our user-friendly website offers a smooth shopping experience, enabling you to explore our large inventory and easily make your purchase. We guarantee safe online transactions and timely delivery to your home.

Spice Shuttle is your go-to source for Kerala Cardamom, which is noted for its exceptional quality and unique flavor. We recognize the importance of this particular speciality and strive to provide the best Kerala Cardamom to our valued consumers.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority at Spice Shuttle. We aspire to surpass your expectations by offering amazing goods as well as excellent customer service. Our professional staff is always ready to answer your questions, provide advice, and help you make an educated choice about your cardamom purchase.

Our Brands

Spice Shuttle takes great satisfaction in providing a comprehensive range of quality Indian green cardamom brands that appeal to a variety of tastes and enrich your cooking experiences. Each of our brands exemplifies our dedication to providing great taste, fragrance, and freshness. Let us introduce you to our prestigious brands

Authentic Idukki

Our Authentic Idukki cardamom comes from the scenic Idukki area of Kerala, which is noted for its pure natural beauty and exceptional cardamom-growing circumstances. This kind of cardamom has a particular taste profile due to the rich land and good environment. When you pick Authentic Idukki, you are choosing a brand that embodies the spirit of this well-known cardamom-growing area.

Nila Green

Nila Green is a brand synonymous with excellence and quality. Nila Green cardamom, sourced from select plantations, has an astonishing spectrum of aromas, including undertones of citrus, mint, and eucalyptus. For its exceptional flavor and aromatic qualities, this brand is beloved by both culinary lovers and experts. Nila Green will provide you with an outstanding cardamom experience.


Dhanu cardamom is connected with dependability and stability. Our professionals handpick the finest pods to guarantee that each pack of Dhanu is of consistent quality and quantity. This brand is well-known for its powerful and robust taste, making it an excellent option for people looking for a strong cardamom flavor. Dhanu cardamom adds a rich and appealing flavor to your culinary creations.


Mangalavan cardamom is prized for its subtle perfume and taste. This brand delivers cardamom with a gentle sweetness and flowery notes, sourced from the best farms. Mangalavan is a popular option for individuals who love taste subtleties and want a refined cardamom experience that complements their food.

Periyar Bold

Periyar bold is distinguished by its stunning intensity and forceful personality. This variety delivers a flavor punch with larger-sized pods, making it suitable for individuals who enjoy a more pronounced cardamom flavor. Periyar Bold is commonly used in both traditional and modern cuisines to provide depth and richness to a variety of foods.


Our dedication to quality extends to all of our brands, guaranteeing that you get the best cardamom in every box. Whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook, or a spice connoisseur, our brands cater to your specific tastes, helping you to create amazing culinary creations.

We provide the opportunity to buy cardamom online to make your transaction more easy and hassle-free. Our user-friendly website offers a streamlined buying experience, allowing you to browse our brands, pick the amount you want, and have the cardamom delivered to your home.


Discover the quality of Authentic Idukki, the appeal of Nila Green, the consistency of Dhanu, the delicacy of Mangalavan, and the daring of Periyar Bold. Spice up your cooking with our quality cardamom brands, each with a unique flavor profile that will delight your taste buds.

Spice shuttle

Welcome to Spice Shuttle, your one-stop shop for high-quality Indian Green Cardamom. We are honored to be your trusted supplier, motivated by a passion for quality and a firm commitment to offering the best spices on the market. We have established ourselves as a famous brand in the market as a leading wholesaler and bulk dealer by supplying our clients with high-quality items.

Our objective at Spice Shuttle is to provide you with the greatest quality cardamom. We do this by procuring our cardamom straight from the Indian subcontinent’s beautiful jungles. We guarantee that you get cardamom that has the unique aromas and features that it is known for by sourcing it from its origin.

At Spice Shuttle, our strong partnerships with small-scale farmers set us apart. We believe in supporting these farmers by promoting sustainable practices and ensuring fair compensation for their hard work.

To ensure we deliver only the finest cardamom, we manually grade each sample provided by farmers. This meticulous process examines the quality and size of every pod, guaranteeing high-quality cardamom packed with flavor and aroma.

For your convenience, we offer the option to purchase cardamom online. Our user-friendly website provides a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to browse our selection, choose your desired quantity, and have the cardamom delivered straight to your doorstep.