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Kumily, located in the heart of Kerala, is celebrated for its lush spice plantations, particularly green cardamom and black pepper. Direct From Plantations, we take immense pride in nurturing these spices, preserving their natural goodness and rich flavors.

As a prominent spice supplier, we cater to businesses across India and beyond. Our commitment to delivering fresh and authentic spices has made us a trusted choice among spice traders and retailers.

From the moment our green cardamom and black pepper are handpicked to their final packaging, quality remains our top priority. Experience the unparalleled aroma and taste of Kerala’s finest spices with Plantations of Kumily .

Elevate your business and enchant your customers with the distinct flavors of Kerala. Partner with Kumily Plantations for an enriching spice experience. Contact us today to order the best green cardamom and black pepper from Kumily, Kerala.