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Embark on a voyage through the flavors of Balagram, Idukki – an enchanting destination renowned for its lush green cardamom and black pepper plantations. Spice Shuttle beckons you to embrace the aromatic allure of these spices, cultivated in the pristine lands of Kerala.

Nestled within Idukki’s picturesque landscapes, Balagram boasts the ideal climate and soil for cultivating the finest green cardamom. Our commitment to preserving traditional farming techniques ensures that each cardamom pod and black pepper berry carries the essence of this fertile land.

Elevate your culinary endeavors with the exquisite taste of Balagram’s green cardamom and black pepper. With Spice Shuttle, you’re not merely purchasing spices; you’re immersing yourself in the heritage and natural abundance of Balagram’s plantations. Explore our selection and infuse your dishes with the genuine spirit of Balagram.