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Indulge in the goodness of the pristine hills of Cumbummettu, where our journey to bring you the finest spices begins. Spice Shuttle takes you on a flavorful adventure, connecting you to the vibrant world of Green Cardamom and Black Pepper straight from the plantations. Our dedication to excellence means you’ll receive the most exquisite spices that Kerala has to offer, with each batch carefully selected and sourced.

Embrace the authenticity of Kerala spices in every sprinkle, enhancing your dishes with the aromatic essence of Cumbummettu. Our close ties with local farmers ensure that only the highest-quality Green Cardamom and Black Pepper reach your kitchen. Taste the rich heritage of Kerala’s spice trade, lovingly crafted and delivered right to your doorstep.

With Spice Shuttle, you not only savor the flavors of Cumbummettu but also support sustainable practices that benefit local communities. We are passionate about preserving the natural beauty of Kerala while providing you with the freshest and most flavorful spices.

Take your culinary skills to new heights by infusing your recipes with the goodness of Cumbummettu’s bounty. Spice Shuttle welcomes you to explore the magic of authentic Kerala spices and embark on a delightful gastronomic journey like no other.