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Welcome to Amayar’s Spice Plantations, where every spice embodies the soul of Idukki’s landscapes. Our Green Cardamom and Black Pepper are a testament to the marriage of tradition and nature. The spice plantations flourish under the nurturing hands of dedicated cultivators, producing spices that resonate with the charm of Idukki. Each spice carries the imprint of careful cultivation and respect for the land.

Choosing to buy Green Cardamom and Black Pepper from Amayar means embracing a commitment to quality and authenticity. Our spices encapsulate the essence of Idukki’s flavors and the values that shape our craft. Savor the inviting aroma of Green Cardamom and delight in the robust flavor of Black Pepper as they infuse your dishes with the essence of Amayar’s Spice Plantations. Let every taste transport you to the heart of Idukki’s heritage.

Elevate your spice trading with spices that hold the legacy of Idukki. Let our Green Cardamom and Black Pepper become your culinary companions, enhancing your dishes and captivating the palates of those you serve.