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Greetings to our esteemed spice traders, wholesale traders, supermarket owners, and spice exporters from across India. Welcome to Kuruvilla City’s Spice Plantations, a name synonymous with exceptional quality and authenticity.

We understand the significance of sourcing the finest ingredients for your businesses, and that’s why we present to you our premium Green Cardamom and robust Black Pepper, cultivated and processed in the heart of Idukki.

Kuruvilla City’s Spice Plantations stand as a testament to the synergy of nature’s bounty and culinary expertise. Our Green Cardamom offers an exquisite aroma, while Black Pepper adds a bold character that resonates with discerning palates.

For our valued spice traders and wholesale traders, Kuruvilla City is your gateway to elevate your spice offerings. Supermarket owners, bring a touch of exclusivity to your shelves with our distinct spices. And to our esteemed spice exporters, present your customers with the essence of Kuruvilla City’s excellence.

Each transaction reflects our commitment to authenticity and excellence. When you source spices from Kuruvilla City, you’re not just acquiring ingredients; you’re forging partnerships that uphold the legacy of Idukki’s spice heritage.

Elevate your business endeavors with the refined essence of Kuruvilla City’s Green Cardamom and bold Black Pepper. As you embark on your journey of culinary excellence, let our spices be the cornerstone of your success, delighting taste buds and captivating markets across India and beyond.