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Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape of Chelachuvadu, Idukki – a paradise where green cardamom and black pepper flourish. Spice Shuttle extends an invitation to experience these treasures, sourced directly from the vibrant plantations nestled within Kerala’s heart.

Chelachuvadu’s pristine environment and nurturing climate create the perfect haven for cultivating premium quality green cardamom. Our commitment to sustainable and time-honored cultivation practices ensures that every cardamom pod and black pepper berry embodies the essence of this remarkable locale.

Enrich your culinary journey with the distinctive taste of Chelachuvadu’s green cardamom and black pepper. With Spice Shuttle, you’re not just acquiring spices; you’re embracing the legacy and natural bounty of Chelachuvadu’s plantations. Explore our offerings and infuse your dishes with the true spirit of Chelachuvadu.