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Embark on a flavorful adventure and experience the magic of Indian spices with our premium Green Cardamom & Black Pepper supplied at Punjab & Alpha One Mall area, Amritsar. We take immense pride in offering the finest spices sourced from the lush plantations of India, Kerala, ensuring an unforgettable taste in every dish.

Discover the aromatic wonders of Green Cardamom, with its sweet, floral notes, and savor the bold, pungent allure of Black Pepper at our store. Each spice is handpicked and thoughtfully processed to preserve its natural essence, bringing an authentic burst of flavors to your culinary creations.

Our team of spice enthusiasts is dedicated to guiding you on your spice journey. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a passionate home cook, we’re here to help you find the perfect spice blend for your unique recipes.

At Alpha One Mall area Amritsar, we believe that spices are the heart of every great dish. Enhance your cooking game with our premium Green Cardamom and Black Pepper, adding depth and complexity to your culinary masterpieces.