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Embark on a unique culinary voyage at Spice Oasis, of Idukki, Churuli,  where nature’s treasures blend seamlessly with the artistry of flavor curation. As devoted cultivators of premium Green Cardamom and potent Black Pepper, we extend an invitation to elevate your gastronomic creations with our exceptional spices.

Our Kerala Spice farms exemplifies the flawless fusion of nature’s riches and the culinary craft. Our Green Cardamom exudes an enchanting fragrance that captivates the senses, while Black Pepper adds a robust depth that enriches your culinary endeavors.

Picture the alluring aroma of Green Cardamom and the bold character of Black Pepper enhancing your culinary masterpieces. With each precise addition, you’re crafting a culinary opus that pays homage to Kerala’s timeless legacy.

Authenticity echoes through every interaction. When you select spices from Churuli, you’re not just procuring ingredients; you’re becoming a part of a tradition deeply entrenched in Idukki’s spice heritage.

Elevate your culinary expedition with the refined essence of Indian Green Cardamom and robust Black Pepper. As you embark on your epicurean journey, let our spices be your companions, guiding you to culinary triumphs that enthrall palates and amplify your culinary expertise.