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Discover the latest updates on Indian Green Cardamom auction prices, brought to you by Mas Enterprises and Spice More Trading Company. Stay informed about the market trends and make well-informed decisions with the following details:

Mas Enterprises, Vandanmedu (Morning)

Auction: Date: 07-Jun-2023 

Total Quantity Arrived: 54,940 Kgs 

Total Quantity Sold: 53,285 Kgs 

Max Price: ₹1,844/Kg 

Average Price: ₹1,174.83/Kg

Spice More Trading Company, Kumily (Afternoon)

Date: 07-Jun-2023 

Total Quantity Arrived: 31,231.7 Kgs 

Total Quantity Sold: 29,071.8 Kgs 

Max Price: ₹1,551/Kg 

Average Price: ₹1,040.75/Kg

These figures reflect the current market dynamics and provide valuable insights into the Indian Green Cardamom industry. Whether you are a wholesaler, trader, or enthusiast, staying updated on auction prices is essential for making informed purchasing decisions.

Based on the average pricing data for Indian green cardamom over the past week, we can observe some trends and make a market analysis:

  1. Fluctuating Prices: The prices have shown fluctuations throughout the week, ranging from ₹1,174.83/Kg to ₹1,026.07/Kg. This indicates that the market is experiencing volatility, potentially due to factors such as supply and demand dynamics, market speculation, and external influences.

  2. Price Stability: Although there are fluctuations, the prices have generally remained within a certain range. This suggests a level of stability in the market, with average prices hovering around ₹1,000-1,200/Kg.

  3. Potential Demand-Supply Imbalance: The variation in prices could be indicative of a potential demand-supply imbalance in the market. Higher prices may suggest increased demand or limited supply, while lower prices may indicate higher availability or lower demand.

  4. Market Influences: Cardamom prices can be influenced by various factors, such as weather conditions, crop yields, export-import trends, government regulations, and global trade dynamics. Monitoring these influences can provide insights into future market movements.

  5. Market Predictions: Based on the available data, and physical resources from Idukki District, Kerala, the market is UP.