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India is blessed with diverse geographical regions that contribute to the cultivation of various spices, including the aromatic and flavorful green cardamom. Several states in India have emerged as prominent producers of green cardamom, each offering unique qualities and characteristics to this prized spice.

  1. Kerala: Known as the “Cardamom Capital” of India, Kerala stands out as the largest producer of green cardamom. The hilly terrains and favorable climatic conditions of places like Idukki create the perfect environment for cultivating high-quality cardamom pods.

  2. Tamil Nadu: The Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu are renowned for their production of green cardamom. The cool climate, along with rich soil and abundant rainfall, creates ideal conditions for growing this aromatic spice.

  3. Karnataka: The Coorg region in Karnataka is known for its rich cardamom cultivation. The hilly landscapes, moderate temperature, and ample rainfall contribute to the growth of flavorful cardamom pods.

These states play a pivotal role in India’s green cardamom industry, supplying the market with a wide range of cardamom varieties known for their aroma, flavor, and medicinal properties. The collaboration of skilled farmers, favorable climatic conditions, and sustainable farming practices ensures a consistent supply of this prized spice to meet both domestic and international demands.