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Indian Green Cardamom, one of the most sought-after spices, undergoes a carefully timed harvesting process. If you’re curious about when this aromatic spice is harvested, we have the answers. In India, cardamom harvesting typically begins in late June or the first week of July. The harvest is carried out in multiple seasons, with intervals of 45-60 days between each season. Experienced laborers delicately pluck 3-4 matured pods from each stem, ensuring the preservation of the fruit pods in their prime stages of growth.

The cardamom harvesting season continues until January, although it can extend into February depending on rainfall and weather conditions. The monsoon, which is expected in June, plays a significant role in determining the duration of the harvesting season. Rainfall and weather patterns can affect the maturation of cardamom plants and subsequently influence the harvest timeline.

During the harvest, farmers carefully select the fruit pods that have grown or are about to reach their full potential. This attention to detail ensures that only the highest-quality cardamom pods are harvested, preserving their distinct flavors and aromas. The labor-intensive process guarantees that each pod meets the stringent standards set by the cardamom industry.

If you’re an aspiring cardamom farmer or seeking more information about the nuances of Indian Green Cardamom harvesting, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you. We can provide specific guidance based on your geographical location, prevailing climate, and the unique characteristics of your cardamom plants. Contact us to optimize your cardamom harvest and reap the rewards of this exquisite spice.


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